I keep finding these fantastic blogs of late — beautifully written, real, and provoking. Vulnerable writings, and yet not too personal or self-indulgent — just pieces of real cognition, emotion, and creativity about all sorts of topics.

For now, I am in a sharing mood: I found this one wonderful blog called “Everyday Stranger”, written by an American woman living somewhere in North London. There are definite common threads in some aspects of our past experiences, but the enjoyment comes out of peering into other experiences.

The three most recent posts are dynamite and, frankly, make one think about their own variations on the theme. The writer, “Helen”, created a fictionalized, personal version of The Three Ghosts of Christmas:

The Ghost of Christmas Past (which is a shaggy dog in this version)

The Ghost of Christmas Present (which is a potty-mouthed barn owl sliding down the chimney)


The Ghost of Christmas Future (a Salvation Army trumpeter named Reginald!).

I love reading slices of life from people all over, and finding hints of myself and my own world between the spaces. Finding strong writings out there makes me want to push the boundaries of my own blogging. I’m even thinking of springing for a paid account, so I can craft this space a lot more beyond the templates I have as a freebie.