The cat has landed – back in Wisconsin
Last Updated Thu, 01 Dec 2005 19:23:37 EST
CBC News

A furry little traveller with thousands of kilometres under her collar is back home safely.

Emily the cat arrived in Wisconsin on Thursday evening after boarding a Continental Airlines flight at Charles de Gaulle airport In Paris.

She was met at the Milwaukee airport by her family, who promised affection and cuddles for the international wanderer.

With a business-class seat and escorted by a Continental employee, 13-month-old Emily’s trip home was the cat’s meow.

“I think she deserves business,” said airline spokesman Philippe Fleury. “I don’t think she will drink champagne anyway, but I think she will be happy to rest.”

The grey and black tabby wandered from her Appleton, Wis., home in late September, ending up in a container at a nearby paper company’s distribution centre. The container was taken by truck to Chicago and by ship to Belgium before ending up in Nancy, France.

Employees at the laminating company Raflatac found the thirsty feline and called the veterinarian’s phone number on Emily’s collar.

As she waited a month in quarantine, tales of her travels spread across the world. Fleury said the airline wanted to be part of the story, and donated the $6,000 ticket.

“I will make somebody really happy to deliver this poor traveller back home,” said Emily’s escort, airline employee George Chiladze.