Obviously, the stars do not cluster suddenly to communicate metaphysical messages to me. But when I look at a particularly starry night, and the moon and the vastness of dark night sky, I do feel smallish. Not in a nihilistic way, but just as a state of being.

Why am I suddenly using MSPaint? My boyfriend and I have started to participate in this thing called “Illustration Friday”. A number of people, some who actually can draw (eg. the boyfriend( and people who cannot but want to anyway (eg. ME), submit links to collages, sketches, MS Paints, pictures, etc. based around a weekly one word theme. This is how I decided to do “small”.

I didn’t let myself think too hard on it to come up with the perfect idea, or even a perfectly sketched thing. My work will look like a five year old’s stuff — although next one I intend to try collage.