I found this dumbass college columnist’s take/mis-take on feminism on untoward’s lj:

If both sexes were equal, love would become awkward as well . . .

Here’s another nugget below. Apparently, it is actually all about men buying drinks for women and so forth, and not really about equal pay, job opportunities, freedom from discrimination or violence, etc.:

“The day men and women have the same level of power is the also the day when chivalry dies. Many women enjoy visiting bars and having men buy them drinks in exchange for a casual conversation. It seems that after all the work women put into getting ready for a night out, they won’t compromise their ability to get free alcohol for the sake of self-independence

And here is the Letter to the Editor by untoward, which he actually e-mailed the guy, for whom I envision a lonely life devoid of women:

Dear Scott,

That article was awesome. I totally agree with you. I hate when those bitches talk talk talk about wanting equal rights, but then I have to buy them like eight beers to get my dick sucked.



Ah satire.

Another serious and printed Letter to the Editor:

Dimmich notes that equality between the sexes means the end of chivalry (according to the column, this is exemplified by men buying women drinks). We all know that women are simple-minded; all they really care about is getting free drinks and attention from men. May the evils of feminism perish so men will pick up my tab at the bar.