I met the family yesterday — the parents, the siblings, the brothers/sisters-in-law, and the nieces and nephew.

One of Mike’s nieces, Jessica, gave me a flower shaped pink ring with sparkles. I love five year olds! Especially ones whose favourite colour is also yellow!!

She also covered me in a blanket, put a pillow behind my head, and then crawled under the table to put her mother’s powder-blue slippers on my feet — within a half-hour of meeting me the first time.

Her three and a half year old cousin tucked me into her bed saying, “Me Mommie!!” and giggled wildly when I pretended to snore like an old man.

Yeah, I can win over most preschoolers.

But the family seems to be cool with me.

Mike’s sister-in-law, Carmen, rocks. She’s a cool lady, strong and vocal and lively. She was in radio/communications, so I should talk to her more. He son, Tyler, is sixteen months and can talk up a streak — he said “wow-wee” upon seeing the grown-ups assembled.

The parents are sweeties — sweeties who ride motorcycles.

When I am sixty-smething, I want to be able to ride motorcycles across the countryside.

yeah, life’s great.

Today: exploring the Distillery District and the ROM. I can be as silly a creature as I feel and he just smiles all the more.