This year has been a super Thanksgiving weekend. I worked, yes, but it felt good to have the warm and fulfilling homecooked meal, the family and Melissa, and some calls around to friends and other family. When Dad said grace this time around, it felt so good. Melissa brought me three lovely blue sweaters she’s passing on, and she is pretty much one of the family in my mind. It all fits lately.

I wrote to some Homewood people to check in, and I already got ten replies in 24 hours! I miss them (well, not all, but most)!

It was rainy and drizzly and gray for the past three days and for a good week to come, but this felt like all the more incentive to enjoy the feast and the relaxation at home. The first logs went in the woodstove, and I deliberately walked in the rain to my car after work because it felt good. Still, a peek of sunshine would be lovely.

Punches of golden yellow, flaming orange, and burning red all over. But the leaves on the trees are still mostly intact, with just enough fallage to be whimsical. And I’ve got Moondance in my head. Especially since it is now eight more sleeps until I get to moondance with someone special.