I’ve started trying to look up and read more French-language blogs and online magazines. I also want to push myself to watch more tv and listen to french radio . . . although French TV always gives me flashbacks to those days when I used to HAVE to watch it to write show reviews for french immersion class. I watched more Watatatow back in the day and only got a third of what was going on plot-wise . . .

Anyway, I’ve felt my ability to speak french eroding more and more lately. I use it sometimes at work, and communication usually works but I feel embarassed now by my mistakes and by the fact that the guests every now and then switch to English to make it easier for me.

I don’t want to be accomodated — I want to be able to serve guests in both official languages without too many hitches. That, and twelve years of french immersion will go down the tubes if I lose it any more. I used to be relatively fluent. I used to be able to pronouce words properly.

Reading more french texts will help me get better at writing in french too, which is the least well-developed faculty I have in the language.