I largely am uninterested in MacLean’s anyway (any publication featuring Barbara Amiel does not interest me much!), but this pricked my interest:

>by James Geiwitz, The Rabble.ca(source
September 29, 2005

Maclean’s magazine has become another vehicle for the dissemination of rightwing propaganda. I wrote a letter to Dr. Brian Segal, President of Rogers Publishing, which elicited a very unsatisfactory reply: “Ken Whyte brings to Maclean’s an impeccable record of professional journalism,” which is patently false. And “Ken is committed to achieving balance in story choice, reportage and reaction,” which is demonstrably false.

Thinking people should strongly consider cancelling their subscriptions immediately.

Dr. Brian Segal
President, Rogers Publishing
One Mount Pleasant Road
ON M4Y 2Y5

Dear Dr. Segal:

I and a significant number of my friends are cancelling our subscriptions to Maclean’s, and I think you should know why.

In the past, Maclean’s has been a fine newsmagazine, reporting the week’s news with balance and integrity. Recently, however, Maclean’s appointed a new editor-in-chief, Kenneth Whyte, a reactionary conservative whose main claim to fame is the creation of the National Post.

Many of us complained loudly about this appointment, fearing the worst. The worst has not been long in coming. Whyte’s sins are many, including an outrageous hatchet job on whistle-blower Nancy Olivieri, the shameless promotion of Steven Harper, and right-wing diatribes of David Gratzer on healthcare, Barbara Amiel on Michael Jackson, and Allan Gotlieb on “bedding the elephant” (sucking up to the U.S.). Whyte’s publication of the sleazy propaganda by Fox News’ John Gibson, who attacked our beloved country on Canada Day, was too much to bear. In the July 25 issue, we were treated to ridiculous praise of the corporate predator, Wal-Mart.

Maclean’s has become The National Post Magazine.

We have written complaining letters almost every week; none has been published. Letters to Marc Blondeau, in charge of consumer publications for Rogers Media, go unanswered. My friends and I have circulated e-mail comments for months, trying to determine some way to save Maclean’s, but we have given up. As one friend put it, “I never read the magazine anymore. If I were you, I’d give it up as the lost cause it clearly is.” Cancelling our subscriptions is the last resort, but we have come to that.

Shame on you for engineering the demise of a fine Canadian magazine.

James Geiwitz

James Geiwitz writes from Victoria, BC.