Jann Arden Blog

My favourite song at age 14, at the onset of high school, was “Could I Be Your Girl”. I sang it to myself all the time. Jann strikes me as a genuine one, a profound yet fun one, with excellent insight.

She also writes beautifully (well, her lyrics proved that much):

It is Mighty, Godly, and Devine.
26-Sep-2005 10:32 am


It’s a great word and yet a tragic place to find one’s self. To neither be moving forward or backward. Not side to side, not over, not under….but still. Quivering, yet still. To be looking at yourself, in slow motion and wondering who you are. Wondering what you’re doing and why you are doing it.

Limbo. I live it from time to time. I ease myself into it; I have a drink or two and touch the tip of my toe into its water’s, just to be sure of the temperature, which is most always, tepid. I would rather opt for uncertainty, than stay back here with the limbo people. I would rather chance, rather risk all of what I am, than to be here among the fearful and the unfortunate. It’s hard making changes. It’s terribly hard. It’s scary and unpredictable. It’s unkind for the most part and unruly. But it IS necessary. It is what makes us better. We will most certainly hurt people in our lives, we’ll crush them on occasion, but it’s part of what we must and will do.