I went to the night clinic last night to get this pesky, wheezy cough looked at . . . I got prescribed not one, but two different puffers. One short-term, one may be longer term as doctor suspects a touch of asthma. I am one of the only cousins on mom’s side of the clan who does not yet have asthma . . . I guess I’m just a late bloomer. 😦

Also, my quest for Depo Prevera led to a surprise — this doctor does not recommend it for young women for long term use, and has been getting his young female patients off of it. Why? High incidence of early onset osteoporosis. Eep. One grandmother, whose body type I match, had that later in life and I don’t want to accelerate that one.

I also discovered that one of my regular meds is, according to the drug company (when the drug company ‘fesses up to something, you know it’s bad!) linked to birth defects, more so than other meds of the SSRI family. The other med I take long-term is also not safe for that reason. Good freaking lord, what do I do if someday I want to start a family?! Lord tell me there are alternatives so that I can someday deliver healthy children without undue angst.

FYI, the culprit is Paxil, everyone’s favourite nasty withdrawal symptom medication. I’m just waiting for them to announce that it is not safe for human usage period.

Okay . . . and I cannot take Alesse (one variety of the pill) because more than one doctor feels this may have been the catalyst for hypomania and depressive mood last autumn . . . no, thank-you, not again. Not worth the risk.

So what do I do if I need long-term birth control? Is anything safe for me?

I have to go pester a couple doctors. I think I need to get much more vocal about what I’m taking — I was too overwhelmed and shy of the professionals earlier on, and I was not exactly given much choice or information when these things were prescribed.

I wish I didn’t have to ever take any medication for anything . . . damn it all.