filemot (FIL-mot) noun, adjective

The color of a dead or faded leaf: dull brown or yellowish brown.

[From the corruption of the French term feuillemorte, from feuille
+ morte (dead). Ultimately from Indo-European root bhel- (to thrive or
bloom) that gave us flower, bleed, bless, foliage, blossom, and blade.]

Amazing how just one ancient word, bhel-, is the root for so many things. Also how an originally french term can become so anglicized!

I am not crazy about too much rain, but otherwise I love autumn. September and October on PEI are, generally, nice months. The humidity and the mosquitos go away (as do the more obnoxious breeds of tourist), replaced by a nice crisp air where you can just smell apple peel and changing leaves. For now, it is warm enough that you don’t need a jacket (unless it is raining, like today) and things are mostly green with emergent punches of colour. I love the change of the leaves. I love the pumpkins and gourds and apples, and I love Thanksgiving and Halloween.

I am a country girl, not a city person, and there are few things I enjoy more than a nice walk or drive in rural PEI to look at the foliage and drop in at small roadside farmer’s markets.
Nevermind that one of my favourite songs is “Moondance” by Van Morrison.