Damn it, I work!

The Institute of Island Studies presents “Canada in Haiti: Waging War on the Poor Majority” with guest speaker Yves Engler on Thursday, September 29, 2:30 to 4:00pm in KC Irving 128. All are welcome.

Montreal activist and author Yves Engler will launch his new book, Waging War of the Poor Majority: Canada in Haiti, in PEI on 29 September. His public presentation on campus will be an opportunity to learn of the role of the Canadian government in the overthrow of Haiti’s elected government in February 2004 and the subsequent dismantling of democracy and human rights in Haiti.

“In both their writings and activism, Yves Engler and Anthony Fenton have done some of the most important work in exposing Canada’s shameful role in Haiti.” –Naomi Klein, author of No Logo

“Most Canadians will find the revelations of this book shocking, disturbing, revolting but absolutely undeniable. In graphic detail, Fenton and Engler describe how, contrary to rhetoric, the

neo-colonial “responsibility to protect” doctrine has in fact translated into a cynical and deadly, socio-political experiment conducted on and against Haitians”. –Jean Saint-VIl, Ottawa-based Haiti solidarity activist.