what a day 😛 But oh what a day! 😀 I don’t want o talk about the concert anymore today, so I’ll talk about my other area of work lately:

I spent the last part of my afternoon working on an article for the local paper, The Northern Star. I am finishing up a piece on the impact of higher gas and heating fuel costs for people in my rural area of the Island, where most people commute/drive an hour a day or so OR work in primary industries like the fisheries or farming which would involve high costs. I also checked in with a local potato packing plant to get an idea about the cost of shipping goods out of the region.

So, I stood at my local little gas station for an hour at rush time and went up to people as they waited for gas! And I asked them questions and taped their remarks and got all kinds of opinions from a cross-section of locals. The big question: what, if anything, do you think that federal and local governments could be doing to ease this trend for taxpayers and consumer?

I taped a few expletives today. ;P

I also interviewed the guy at the pump. I got excellent cooperation and lots of
friendliness about what I was trying to do.

This is what I want to do: i want to work for small publications or productions and get local, community voices or distant but important international voices out there, the ones that get missed. When has the Guardian done articles like this, sampling the communities outside of Charlottetown?

People really opened up when they figured out I was “a MacDougall” or “Lori’s daughter”. Typical small community in small province: people put more trust in you when they believe you are one of their own.