I got home from work at 12:30 am, and I was hungry . . . so I heated something up and plopped in front the tv for a minute to catch some news.

What I did catch was the very last ten minutes of Rock Star: INXS, which I have been following just this last little bit.

It is exciting to see a Maritimer make it as the lead singer of an internationally successful band! His reaction was passionate and genuine. And I do love that original song of his, “Pretty Vegas”.

I have to say that I loved this show far more than any Idol/Pop Star variation.
These people were more mature and seasoned performers, used to touring smallish clubs and playing in all kinds of circumstances. While the women did not make it past the fourth place, they did get a chance to showcase themselves well and were well-matched for any of the men. Not all were great, but the top six were fun to watch and had such energy. They know how to work a crowd, how to really interpret a song, and most seemed to have ability to interpret and write their own takes on songs, including originals. Otherwise, Idol looks like a glammed-up karaoke event.