One idiot in the lobby just remarked to another idiot:

“That sounds like a smoker” . . . referring to me, as I had just given them information.

I have a cold and a scratchy throat, but the hell I’m a smoker. Asshole.

But I do wonder, now and then, how much my lungs have been affected by living in and growing up in a smoking household. My parents never smoked around us as little kids, always a room away, but my grandfather didn’t give a rat’s ass. Bumpa is enough of an asshole that he would puff away without caring who was in the path of the smoke. yucko.

Can you tell how much I repect my grandfather 😉

I am generally very tolerant of smokers, partly because I understand the addiction on a level and partly because I don’t always notice the smell the way others do. That and my boyfriend is a smoker (but that hardly affects me since I am so far away and he is quitting in stages at present).