grumble grumble

Still sick, but a bit more alert.

Advil seems to solve the headache to an extent. But I wish to god I could take an antihistamine. And I still feel a bit nauseous but I am hoping a good meal will take care of that.

Fudging sinuses and fudging adenoids. I wish I had had those damn things removed, like tonsils, back when I was a kid because like hell the adenoids have done me any good.

But I cannot miss another shift of work (so not fair to them, either!), and I will go in fighting. Armed with antibacterial lotion to prevent spreadage, kleenex, advil, juice. I just hope I don’t have too much of the stupids while there.

Sorry, I must sound like one of the whiny men in my family when they get colds. But this is a time when I cannot be sick, I just can’t. grumble grumble.