I feel like shite today.

I felt sick yesterday too, but it wore off once I hit work. Getting busy means not having the leisure to feel the achiness.

But this morning . . . if I shake my head, I can feel the wobble and pressure and ache. My throat is sore, and I am filled up. I feel sluggy all over.

I have so much to do today and tomorrow to prepare for this concert that I CANNOT rest too much. But I have to if I want to be healthy enough to survive work and the next week and a half of insanity.

I also have to hit the wharf tomorrow to cover the two-day cod fishery. I am awaiting to here when the boat comes in with the first load so I can snap pics and get hints as to how profitable/feasible it is.

I can do it, yes I can. My current medications do not let me take antihistamines . . . so tylenol is all I’ve got.

fudging cold 😦