although I want to chew out co-worker who chose to sleep off hang-over from night before . . . . . .

Chuck Arsenault, who with brother Albert has a show at the Mackenzie Theatre, suddenly apparated at work looking for me. They want to participate in my concert!! And Chuck started calling around trying to find me a great emcee . . . Nils Ling is on tour, but one of the Sketch-22 lads might . . . 🙂 🙂 🙂

He was super nice and encouraging. And it feels good to know that there is a buzz growing. That, and I have at least one or two known musical acts to publicize!

Now I shall crash for the evening :P.

HA! Before I even finish this post, another band calls to sign on. Juan Love . . . they rock. And they won’t take an honorarium (only my auctioneer has taken me up on that) — all they want is food! I think I can handle pizza.

Fan-Fucking-Tastic! Build it, and they will come — that seems to be the running theme here.

Now: a PA system.