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THE RULES: Write 20 random facts about yourself, and then tag as many people as the minutes it took you to complete the meme.

1) I was afraid of the Boogey Man as a kid. He was real. Seriously . . . :O
2) My e-mail is now yellow_mazine: That is my little toddlerish mispronunciation of “Yellow Submarine”, my favourite childhood tune. For some reason, when I was four or five, I decided that “Yellow Mazine” made for a good superhero’s name (watched He-Man and She-Ra too much) . . . I had a little yellow cape and could be spotted running around in circles in kindergarten pretending to fly.

I got rid of “nire nagaf” as an identifier because once, I thought it was fitting to display myself as “backwards” and maybe, somehow, not quite “right” . . . no, I’m not backwards and I’m cool just the way I am (but even cooler as a superhero!)
3) I like reading stuff like Milton, Shakespeare, and Goethe — esp. “The Roman Elegies >:D — over the phone to my boyfriend. He laps it up lately — esp. the Goethe. Might get an english degree vicariously!
4) As a kid, I decided I wanted archaeologists to find my “traces” and began to add my name to various surfaces. Eg. etching in wood in my floor or under the stairs my signature and the date, painting on stuff like garbage cans (we still have one green plastic bin with my name on it in watery white, dribbly paint).
5) Or, I wanted to BE an archaeologist and tried digging for things like “dinosaurs” in the red clay drive-way (snicker) — coolest object found in old garden, a large metal tunafish hook shaped like a scaley fish, probably at least 50-60 years old or more.
6) When I pretended to be a rock star (really singing or lipsynching), I pretended my right thumb was the microphone.
7) Family often got me to impersonate Michael Jackson (when he was cool) when I sang or lipsynched. No moonwalking, but I had the thriller moves down. Also: Janet Jackson, Cyndi Lauper, and Stevie Wonder.
8) I am bipolar: sometimes (well, rarely) I get what is called “hypermanic”, sometimes I experience major depression (which is a little more common for me and sucks hard). The hypermania is, I’ll be the first to admit, extremely pleasurable and fun until I lose too much sleep and stop eating enough to fuel it — then I get paranoid, edgy, I abuse liquor and meds and whatever else is available, and all goes to shit. Twice, to extremely horrid effect, the mania has coincided with the depression. I hit what I am pretty sure was Rock Bottom in early January (with some cliff plunges preceding). It has just kept getting better and better since — in fact, lately, I don’t think it gets very much better. Because of some hard lessons and the fact I’ve grown up in leaps and bounds lately, I’m confident the plunges and the foolish choices leading me to harder falls are behind me for good.

I consider myself to be a survivor, but otherwise I am as ordinary and as normal as it gets. And I’ve got nothing to be sorry about.
9) My biggest pet peeve about #8? People assuming it is okay to tell other people about my private medical history without allowing me the benefit to speak for myself first. Fast way to turn me off and make me pretty fucking irritated. Racism/prejudice is the fastest.
9 3/4) I hate being patronized too. Only my parents have the right to do so. Everyone else can shove it.
10) I am working for the local equivalent of “The Shipping News” — my assignment next week is to get the 5 W’s on the two-day cod fishery at the local wharf. Whee!! I lurve it.
11) My favourite word might actually be “fucky”!!
12) I secretly want to someday have my own curated exhibit of photography blended with text/prose poetry.
13) My pen names during juvenalia were: Marie Kinney, Helen Thorne, “Lady” Veronica Faye, “nobody”, “Vera”, and my personal favourite: Hepzebah Vandertramp (“Hep” for short). That one is a whole story on its own.
14) I enjoy watching Canadian Idol and Rock Star: INXS — sue me. I also think Dave Navarro is sexy as hell and I’d do him if the opportunity arose and if mike was okay about it (no competition for Carmen Electra, though — no worries!).
15) I refer to two of my seasonal neighbours as “Mr. Perfect” and “Peggy Greenteeth”. All rights reserved.
16) Another guy in the area, who owns a plot for gardening on the otherside of my woods, gardens in the nude but, as a kid, I initially assumed he was wearing
flesh-coloured shorts!! LOL. Later, I made a shocking realization. To my knowledge, he’s still at it.
17) Does anybody really know what time it is?
18) I intend to start belly-dancing lessons this week. Don’t tell my boyfriend ;> ! Oh, wait, he’s on my friend’s list . . . nevermind.
19) I am contemplating a permanent change to my body within the month. hee hee. Been wanting to do this a for a few years now. Probability of his happening? 99.9% (hardly contemplating).

20) I AM IN LOVE!!!

And he’s one hell of a man, in every facet of his being. I have never met anyone with a soul quite as beautiful as his. To quote Marieve who got to check him (my tattooed boy-toy in the city”) out the other day and has a unique and apt way of describing him: I definitely approve of this one Er! He has lovely eyes and a great sense of humour and mood. I like the way he walks too, kind of has a hop in his step (could that be a result of you, perhaps? 😉 ) But I knew all that already 😉 . I’m long gone and probably unrecoverable.

That took me ages because I was interrupted by parents, a tv show, and me uploading pictures. So, everyone’s tagged! I am an equal opportunity tagger.