My grandmother worked with a lady at Boston College, and her son Pete would become a friend of my father’s. His son, Cody, is a freshman at the University of New Orleans. He went missing and was just found alive, with one hell of a story: him and two ex-cons banded together to fight back violent looters (with a pitbull!), rescued the helpless with a boat, and broke into a Walgreens for supplies!!!!! While I feel bad on a level for business owners . . . I don’t know how else people would have been able to survive without stealing the basics at some point since the basics were bound to be damaged eventually anyway. The businesses, esp. chains, are probably insured or can be compensated.

What would you do? I don’t obviously care for the people who stole large ticket items just because they wanted to take advantage of opportunity, or people who harmed others or vandalized for the hell of it, but in this case survival might trump the ethics we normally follow:

To all our dear friends and people who have helped and prayed for our son Cody over the past week:

Cody has been found. He is in a shelter in Austin Texas as I write this. He was rescued along with many other people that Cody and 2 other men had so heroically rescued and protected. We are getting him a flight out tonight and he will be back in California late this evening.
In a nutshell, they survived on incredible resourcefulness and courage.
Cody told me that he and two other men who were ex-cons teamed up and first secured a boat and swam through the waters dragging the boat and rescuing seniors, mothers with babies, animals, etc., out of attics and surrounding houses. They broke into a local Walgreens and secure diapers, toilet paper, feminine products, baby food and medicine for the sick elders. The three along with a pit bull thwarted off would be looters and thugs who had penetrated their building. Cody told me that “the three of us” stood up to them and threw them out. Many, many stories, but most of all, God has given us back our kid and we ARE SO PROUD OF HIM. THANK YOU ALL FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS!!!!!