I take for granted so much, so much.

Most of the people who read this blog probably have an idea of what they will eat today, and tomorrow, and through the next few days. Or, can simply get more with relative ease and cheapness. Or wev’ve got food banks/soup kitchens which, while strained to death and lacking funds, can probably provide us something when in need.

We’ve got roofs, dry and secure ones, over our heads.

Hell, we’ve got computer and internet access!!

Medicine if we need it, and we figure an ambulence will make it more or less on time to rescue us if somethings happens.

And fuel . . . yeah, damn fucking expensive, but it is there. We all, more or less, have jobs and earn enough to get by, even if just at times.

Thing is, how sustainable are our lifestyles at present? I mean, cheap gas/heating oil? What happens when pumps run dry, as they did in the 70s when OPEC turned the taps off once? Or when the majority can no longer afford oil or natural gas?

We’re getting to the point where conservation and seeking alternatives, even small ones, is not so much a luxury and a benevolence but an impending necessity.

Buddy U.S. ambassador to the UN tried to put forth some amendments to UN, top of list being to remove the whole clause about “respect for nature”.

The FUCK?!!! After Katrina, the least you can do is respect nature. Because civilization as you know it, as you want it or dream it, is nothing without nature. Civilization exists in spite of nature, including our own.