What Shall I Be?

Countless young girls asked themselves this question circa 1966, and this is what the gameboard industry replied with. There are a whole six options!!

The Object of the Game? Be the first to become a ‘Career Girl’ in your chosen field!!

“Mommy, is that all there is?!”

“You are pretty! Good for: Model and Actress.” “You make-up is too sloppy: Bad for Airline Hostess and Model”

Go read the whole thing and look at all the pics — be happy you are a child of these times, girls!

Boys had their own version: Future Statesmen, Scientists, Athletes, Doctors, Engineers, and Astronauts. Sorry boys, we don’t allow men to become teachers or nurses and we CERTAINLY don’t encourage acting or dancing!!

I wonder what kind of game came out of the year 1976, 1986, and 1996? How about 2006? And in 1956?!!