I purchased the first new CD I have acquired in months and months: Set Yourself on Fire by Stars, based in Montreal. Lush, dynamic music which really kinda shimmers like stars, mostly unlike anything I’ve listened to before (go originality), and great lyrics which could stand on their own as poetry. I first heard of them through the single “Ageless Beauty”, but listening to and seeing the video for “Reunion” sealed it for me — it is all about that great bass line backgrounding the initial vocals, being joined with that airy guitar as they go. “Your Ex-Lover Is Dead” is also quite universal. I also love when non-trad rock instruments get blended in (eg. French horn, trombone, glock! There’s definite jazz influence here, but it doesn’t fit genre categories neatly.

There’s a lot of interesting music which I’ve been immersing myself in. Another band I really like (me, and an army of new converts) is The Arcade Fire (also from Montreal . . . might consider moving someday soon!). I also kind of like The Killers, esp. that “I’ve got soul, but I’m not a soldier” song. I continue, of course, to
be Franz Ferdinand acolyte and I am excited about the new CD coming in September. And I also love Rilo Kiley and Modest Mouse, although both are not really new bands (just new to me).

There are others, but those are the titles floating to the top of my brain right this minute. I’m hardly a cutting edge indy music chick, but I like what I like and most pop radio stuff doesn’t cut it for me.

Follow-up to chattering about books (other people’s books). The best way to learn about new, or interesting, music is through word of mouth. If you read this, what stuff is getting heavy play in your earshot?

The horror: one of the cooks at the canteen is a country music person. There is a war: I switch the station to the locl contemporary pop/rock station, and she turns it back to country, and then I sneak it back later.
I really like having background music when I work, but country is something which grates too much. If I hear that new Shania Twain single at work I might fling ice cream at the radio.